About IONS Paris

The International OSA Network of Students (IONS) is a program that encourages student chapter members to organize and manage regional meetings focused on technical and professional development content as well as networking with peers and luminaries.

IONS Paris 2017 is a conference sponsored by the The Optical Society (OSA) hosted by the Student Chapter of Optics Paris  (SCOP) . The main goals of IONS are to promote networking between student on an international scale and also to provide an opportunity for students to present their research. Each conference is hosted by a local chapter of students attached to OSA.

IONS Paris 2017 will focus on a wide variety of topics and applications within optics and photonics such as quantum optics, optics for energy, optics for life, optical imaging, lasers, wave-guided optics, polarimetry. Attendees can expect technical presentations, world class invited speakers and social activities.